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Accessibility Experts LLC is your one stop to make all your in home modifications and home safety accessibility modifications. Aging in place (AIP) home modification is a safe and affordable option for seniors and people with disabilities.

Nobody likes to wait a long time, especially under life changing conditions. We have a 24 hour proven solution for your bathroom modifications.


To remain at home is a priceless luxury that you can afford.

kitchen Modification
Modifying your kitchen allows you to remain in control of your life and independence while being in a familiar and comfortable setting.

O  Replacing base cabinet half shelves with rollout or revolving shelves in kitchen cabinets
O  Replace gas/electric cooktop with an induction model, reducing the chance of burning.
O  Replace cabinet knobs with easier to use design.
O  Add task lighting by illuminating contertops with under-wall cabinet lighting.
O  Replace floors with textured tile or traction or anti-slip treatment for safety.

Walk in tub/shower conversions
As your accessible bathing expert we offer the knowledge and experience to create safe bathing solutions for people of all abilities.

O  Insall shower, walk-in tub.
O  Replace a standard toilet with a compfortable -height version.
O  Add grab bars in the shower, tub and toilet areas.
O  Replace a pre-code shower valve with a non-scaled version.
O  Replace knob-style faucets with lever-handled faucets.
O  Replace a wall-mounted shower head with one one on slide stall.
O  Add a bench to the shower stall
O  Increase the bathroom lighting.
O  Increase the color contrasts.
O  Offset decreasing vision by increasing color contrasts.
O  Replace smooth, slick flooring with a textured tile for more traction or add a floor traction treatment.

Floor Treatments
One of three American’s 65 and over will suffer a fall, and not be able to return to their home. Accessibility Experts provide entry solutions and floor treatments to provide safety and accessibility.

O  Replace or treat existing flooring with anti-slip floor traction treatments for added safety.
O  Having an anti-slip floor can mean the difference between safety and dangerous accidents. Anti-slip flooring contains resilient rubber surfaces for slip resistance and increased safety.
O  We can install anti-slip flooring and slip protection for every budget and need.
O  Whether you want to cover an entire room, a long hallway, or just your front porch or walkway, Accessibility Experts offers floor traction treatments that will increase the safety of your home.

Stair lifts, Ramps & Entry Solutions
We provide convience and access to every point of your home.

O  The use of ramps, chair lifts or modified stairs can provide easier, safer access to all areas of your home.


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